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Nigel Wylie



“Nigel brings a mastery of human communication and empathy to help us explore and make peace with our inner struggles. What he does with our mens group is the highest form of art and science.  It has a meaningful impact on how we live and the energy we bring to the people around us.”

—  Jeremy Kranz, Investor




This is a safe space where judgement is relaxed, the depth of is insight allowed and the whole of yourself is invited.

What would it look like, what would it feel like to be more free?

My work explores what is most real for the people that I work with, be it desires, emotions, relationships, psychological states, conflicts, patterns, traumas, paradox---anything in the realm of present human experience.

The objective of my work is to create space for one to gain awareness of how they are, how they want to be, all while building ones relationship with and uncovering inherent trust in oneself. 



A series of personal transformational experiences​ and deep longing have lead me to this 'work'. When I asked myself how I wanted to show up in the world, I knew I wanted to hold this deep space for others.

The mind is a noisy world to live in. What would happen if one had more quiet inside?


For the last 8 years, I've practiced how to cultivate safe space internally and through this, facilitated creating this space for others. 


I've facilitated conflict-resolution within business partners and communities. I've provided guidance, reflection, coaching networks of entrepreneurs. I've built two communities of practice based on love, intention, healing and transparency. I've hosted and facilitated men's circles around the globe providing safe space to look at and process men's specific issues. I held space for couples to have difficult conversations within each other, increasing trust and intimacy.

My career journey spans being a three time entrepreneur, environmental engineer, disaster relief respondent, mediator, and circle facilitator.

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Entrepreneurship/Business serves personal transformation.

As a former entrepreneur, I have compassion for pressures that founders and executives face, many times alone. I love helping founders and executives navigate through interpersonal and business conflict as I believe the conflict brings opportunity for transformation and greater self-awareness. 


Intimate relationships are the microcosm of community. 

Community is the microcosm of the world.


I understand the hardships of navigating the emotional landscape of intimate relationships firsthand, especially with couples who are focused on understanding and evolving together. I help couples, who are dedicated to growing with one another, suffer less and bring more celebration into their relationship culture.


True strength is a man in connection with himself,

nature and the ones around him. 


I believe the world needs more safe spaces for men to connect to their most fullest, vibrant selves and to other men who share this journey. I have a deep love for creating safe containers and rituals for men to be more fully who they are, a rare occurrence in this world.



Creating a safe space of non-judgement, curiosity and transparency is the foundation of my work with individuals, business partners and couples


A facilitator creates & holds the safe container of a group from which a deeper sense of trust, transparency, belonging and connection can be fostered


A mediator helps groups/business partners/couples resolve conflicts by creating neutral ground through which clarity, understanding and context can arise and heal your relationships


A coach develops the safe space from which you can explore your deepest wants, while reflecting who you are, to show up fully in your life, work and relationships

Nigel Wylie


California & Washington, USA


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