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Facilitation is about creating a shared reality, a shared intention and noticing what wants to emerge from this space.

We have all seen our fare share of a team/group dynamic that doesn't work for the organization any longer. Information is withheld out of fear, zero-sum games and power-plays, as members act in autonomy, breaking down trust. Members become isolated from each other and the greater purpose of the organization.

I create safe space by focusing and re-focusing on our shared intention as a team/group/organization. I lead groups through processes of ever deepening connection with themselves and their peers. In this safety and cohesion I have witnessed a building of empathy, transparency, deep listening, and a willingness to uncovering deeper truths from which strong working foundations are built.


Through these sessions, comes an experiential wisdom, from the individual participants and the group, empowering them to play in collaboration. Awakening their own purpose and motivation to serve.

Facilitation Background


  • Founded first mediation service specialized at resolving conflict within co-founding teams. Certified Mediator.

  • Mediated conflict and drafted Founders Agreements for startup teams in Silicon Valley valued over 10+ Million.

  • Led mens circle work in Singapore, Australia, and the USA (and some of the first known in mainland China) and staffed many rights-of-passage rituals for men.

  • Facilitator for The ManKind Project (phsyio-emotional processing, circle work, trauma release, NLP, self reflection for men). Leadership Trainings: ST1, LT1 & LT2

  • First Integrated Couples Coach (with my partner Mina J. Lee) in China

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