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Conflicts are a natural part of life, and of business. Differing views, expectations and visions are part of some of the deeper conflicts among business partners and co-founder teams. Many co-founders and leaders don't plan for these deep conflicts to happen, yet they are the leading cause of failure for startups, 65% in fact.


No one tells us of the opportunity that conflicts present:


1. The opportunity to get crystal clear on your vision of working culture, expectations between you and your founding team (and organization).

2. The opportunity to build a more trusting, collaborative working relationship deeper working relationship through meditated conversations.

I serve as a mediator, a neutral party to help you and your partner(s) develop a resolution that works for all.


I do this by making sure both parties are seen and understood. I create a place for you and your partner(s) to explore what you each truly want, highlight flexibility within your wants and establish clear boundaries. This process is completely confidential to any outside parties.


More on my Mediation Process 

Facilitation & Mediation Background


  • Founded first mediation service specialized at resolving conflict within co-founding teams. Certified Mediator.

  • Mediated conflict and drafted Founders Agreements for startup teams in Silicon Valley valued over 10+ Million.

  • Led mens circle work in Singapore, Australia, and the USA (and some of the first known in mainland China) and staffed many rights-of-passage rituals for men.

  • Facilitator for The ManKind Project (phsyio-emotional processing, circle work, trauma release, NLP, self reflection for men). Leadership Trainings: LT1 & LT2

  • First Integrated Couples Coach (with my partner Mina J. Lee) in China

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